Double Feature

Double Feature is a progressive rock band from Freiburg. The impulsive feel of rock is being advanced by other influences. Thorugh this, old standards of the genre get loosened and new feels are being discovered. A comibination, which can't be assigned to any single genre and which never fully exlcludes any style of music, is being developed. In its five year existance the band undertook a journey through various kinds of rock and never shys away from any influences of any style. Topics and atmosphere are just as diversified as melodies and rhythms. Soft melodies and heavy riffs are both equally part of the bands repertoire. The music speaks of the life of the musicians and in turn translates their emotions. The bandmembers are writing their own songs since the founding of the band and always have something new to offer on every gig.

Marc Schill Vocals Jannik Rebmann Guitar
Emil Benrath Bass Simon Zeller Drums